Below are some frequently asked questions that we hope will help you. If you find that your question was not resolved, please feel free to contact us directly.

The Certificate of Completion is available for 201 courses. When you complete the requirements for each course, you will receive a downloadable Certificate of Completion so that you can proudly document your achievement.

A Lifetime access allows you access to our entire library of courses, plus access to additional features within the courses, such as readings, discussion questions, and quizzes. In addition, Lifetime access will earn a Certificate of Completion for each course they complete. To sign up for a Lifetime access, follow these simple steps:
  1. Browse our course library and click “Take this Course” on a course that you are interested in taking.
  2. Complete all the requirements within the course and receive your Certificate of Completion.

We have three different Lifetime access options that range from Basic (INR 299/-), Intermediate (INR 499/-) to Advanced (INR 699/-). This allows you Lifetime access to the  course that has been selected. You will receive a Certificate of Completion after you finish each course.

All courses will require that you watch, listen, or read all of the lectures and complete some basic requirements such as answering discussion questions and completing quizzes. Specific requirements will be available for each course in the course syllabus.

You can browse our full listing of courses here.

You will earn a Certificate of Completion but will NOT be awarded academic credit.

The access will continue without interruption as you will have lifetime access to the courses you have purchased.

You can choose to change your payment method at any time during your subscription. To do so, please visit your “Account” and click on the “Payment Methods“.  You can then add a new payment method or delete old payment methods. Once you add a new payment method, please ensure that you set it to the default, otherwise, the system will continue to use the previous payment method.

Many of our courses include Discussion Questions. These forums help you reflect on key points of the course and allow you to post your thoughts for others to view. We encourage you to take advantage of these forums by reading and responding to a minimum of two other student posts in each lesson. This is an excellent way to learn from others who are enrolled in the course. We understand that certain questions may be of a more personal nature, so you may choose instead to occasionally record your thoughts in a personal journal or separate course notebook of your choice.

No, you are by no means obligated to take quizzes and tests to enjoy the full range of our 190+ courses. Quizzes and tests are essential, however, if you’d like to gain a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.