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Overview and Objectives

Lesson Overview

Who were the prophets and what was their purpose? This lesson introduces the prophetic ministry and then focuses on Isaiah, the great writing prophet, who, in his day, preached to Israel’s people and counseled her kings.

Lesson Objectives

When you complete this lesson, you should be able to do the following:

  • Explain how to properly read Old Testament prophetic literature.
  • Set Isaiah in his historical setting and draw principles for godly living from his writings.
  • Explain what Isaiah was attempting to do with his prophecy.
  • Understand how Isaiah arranged his messages to clearly explain how the Holy God works to redeem a sinful world.
Personal Reflection

As you proceed through this lesson have the following question in mind.
Imagine that you are the prophet Isaiah in chapter 6 of the book of Isaiah. Describe your feelings as this account of your commission unfolds.

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