Lesson One
Introduction to the Psalms
3 Activities | 1 Assessment
Lesson Two
Psalm 23
3 Activities | 1 Assessment
Lesson Three
Psalm 103
3 Activities | 1 Assessment
Lesson Four
Psalm 72
3 Activities | 1 Assessment
Lesson Five
Psalm 137
3 Activities | 1 Assessment
Course Wrap-Up
Course Completion
1 Activity | 1 Assessment

Overview and Objectives

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, you will explore the spiritual energy and theological beauty found in Psalm 103.

Lesson Objectives

When you complete this lesson, you should be able to do the following:

  • Explain how techniques like personification and parallelism enhance Psalm 103’s message.
  • Explain what we learn about God in Psalm 103.
  • Describe the power and boldness found in the final verses of Psalm 103.
  • Identify ways to apply Psalm 103 in your life.
Personal Reflection

As you proceed through this lesson have the following question in mind.
In this lecture, Dr. Heim encourages you to “really go through [this] psalm and make it your own.” How can you take steps to do this?

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